About us

Hands on – Mind On – Institute dedicated to the world of STEM Education.
Much needed early exposure to the future generation STEM skills.
Golbally accredited program that has been recently awarded as India’s Best Vocational STEM Educational Company by AICRA & Voted amongst the TOP 10 Promising Robotics Institute in India – 2020 by Higher Education Review.
Over the past 8 years we have connected to 20000+ children have done our year round programs / camps and workshops.


Trained and qualified staff.

Well designed curriculum & session plan.

Regular mentoring by experienced personnel.

Dedicated team for research & development for ensuring the latest in technology and education.


To give each child in Canada the opportunity to experience S.T.E.M Education in a practical and fun way
At iRobokid, currently we are running practical education, age appropriate and new age technology programs online.
Programs that we run on a regular basis are of Robotics, Coding – Game Designing, Simple Machines, Building Themes & Electricity – Electronics, Arduino, Python etc

Why choose us?


Expert Instructors

We have joined hands with Best Faculties of Canada having vast experience in online education.

Learn Anytime

The biggest advantage of Online education is that you study at your pace.

Learn Anywhere

Now you can study at your home or with your friends.

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